Retinal circulatory impairment

In retinal circulatory impairment, a distinction is made between venous circulatory impairment (thromboses) and arterial occlusions (embolisms). The entire retina or just portions of it may be affected. In the case of vascular occlusions, the result is a supply shortage and therefore a loss of function in the affected areas.

What causes retinal circulatory impairment?

The causes of retinal circulatory impairment are often diseases of the heart/circulatory system or even blood coagulation disorders. Often, fluid loss due to insufficient drinking is recognised as a cause.

What are the symptoms of retinal circulatory impairment?

The symptoms of retinal circulatory impairment include a sudden, painless loss of vision in the entire visual field of an eye, or a portion thereof.

How is retinal circulatory impairment treated?

General treatment to promote circulation will be initiated. Complications are treated via medication injected into the eye or lasering of the retina.

Do you have symptoms of a retinal circulatory impairment?