From the ophthalmologists to our opticians, orthoptists and assistants: at the Augenzentrum Kiener, your health, your well-being and personal care are our priority. Get to know our team of specialists here!

Our ophtalmologists

Dr Markus Kiener, MD

Founder, chief physician, partner

Our opticians

Markus Walther


Dirk Seidel


Our orthoptist

Gisela Mähr


Our assistants

Denise Boner

Administrative management

Jessica Carrozzo

MPA Management

Sanela Stepanovic

Yasemin Günes

Tamara Strebel

Pervin Günes

Empfangsbereich im Augenzentrum Kiener

Sarah Zuberbühler

Medinische Praxisassistentin im Augenzentrum Kiener

Rebekka Mikic-Wüthrich

Melisa Dzubic

Our management

Antonius Hug

Partner and Managing Director

Dr Markus Kiener, MD

Partner and chief physician

Our administration

Daniele Ballarini

IT & Quality management

"We have a great team spirit and are there for each other."

Tamara Strebel, Augenzentrum Kiener