Which methods exist for laser eye treatment?

In refractive surgery, a distinction is made between the possibility of correction using laser eye treatment to the cornea area and an intervention on the lens itself.

Every eye – just like the person behind it – is unique. Certain criteria mean that laser treatments are not suitable for everyone. For example, the onset of presbyopia (starting at the age of 40) or dioptre values outside of the required range are arguments against this kind of treatment. In cases like these, there is nonetheless the option of switching to lens surgery.

Which laser eye method is the best?

Which method suits your needs and conditions depends on your age, lifestyle, job, type of visual restriction and various other factors.

The following sections provide you with an introduction to the various possibilities of laser treatment and lens surgery.

Here is an overview of all methods and surgical techniques:

Übersicht der verschiedenen Augenlasermethoden und in welchen Fällen diese angewendet werden

Find out more about the individual methods.

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