How much does laser eye treatment cost?

With the prospect of a significant improvement in your quality of sight, the incurred costs are more bearable. After treatment, you also save on expenses for glasses, lenses and contact lenses.

The intervention is conducted using state-of-the-art laser technology. Health insurance providers do not typically cover the incurred costs. These will be borne by you.




Cost in CHF

1750.- per eye

1500.- per eye

The following services/costs are added to the procedure.

Short examination

free of charge

In max. 30 minutes we determine whether you are suitable for laser eye surgery.

Preliminary examination

350.- per eye

The ophthalmologist measures your vision, pupil size and corneal thickness. The collected data are the basis for the procedure. Time required approx. 1 hour.

When will a health insurance provider assume the costs for laser eye treatment?

A health insurance provider will only assume the costs for laser eye treatment in the following exceptional circumstances:

  1. Cataract surgery
  2. Intolerance of glasses and contact lenses
  3. Treatment of severe visual impairment (over 10 dioptres) with proven contact lens intolerance
  4. Severe variation in the visual acuity of your eyes (more than 3 dioptres) with proven contact lens intolerance

The exceptions noted above can be ascertained and recorded in writing during the preliminary examination. However, it is worth seeking a discussion with your health insurance provider nonetheless. Should you be required to bear the costs of the intervention, this can be noted in your tax return.

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