Driving suitability test

Eye tests are an important part of the driving suitability test for older drivers or for the driving licence.

How the driving suitability test works?

Older drivers are required to undergo a driving suitability test from the age of 75. We offer the ophthalmological portion of this examination. In the process, your visual acuity, field of vision and diplopia will be checked.

How the eye test for a driving licence works?

The ophthalmologist measures your eyes’ visual acuity and examines your ability to perceive patterns, contours and colours. 100% visual acuity is achieved if the signs depicted are recognised faultlessly at the given distance. If this is not the case, corrective glasses will be used until the required visual acuity is achieved. The necessary correction (dioptres) is thus determined. For those who already wear glasses, we also check that the current correction is sufficient or whether a new glasses prescription is required.

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