Custom-made contact lenses

Made for your needs: each eye is different – with custom-made contact lenses, you enjoy optimal visual comfort. Nowadays, virtually anyone can wear contact lenses. The selection of a healthy contact lens for your needs requires precise lens adjustment by an expert optician. In addition, the nature of your eyes and their lachrymal film play as important a role as your working life and your leisure activities.

How are individual contact lenses adjusted?

Individually adjusted contact lenses are custom-made. Here, biological compatibility, fit and material selection take centre stage. In contrast to conventional contact lenses, customised contact lenses are tailored to the needs of your eyes. On the basis of the eye examination, the parameters for your new custom-made lens are determined. First, the basic lens is adjusted; the remaining dioptres resulting from the basic shape are then established. This procedure, along with the consideration of biological compatibility, leads to perfect vision quality.

What are the advantages of individually adjusted contact lenses?

Adapted to every need: custom-made contact lenses are available as hard (rigid), flexible and soft lenses. Conventional daily, weekly or monthly lenses are much thinner and are not rigid. They cling tightly to the cornea like a film. This can result in the cornea’s not being sufficiently supplied with lachrymal fluid or oxygen. Dehydration leads to decreased eye mobility and an unpleasant sensation. In the long term, conventional contact lenses can cause serious damage to the cornea.

How long can you wear individually adjusted contact lenses?

Custom-made lenses are worn permanently – in contrast to so-called disposable lenses. Custom-made contact lenses are, medically speaking, implants; they should therefore be checked by a doctor regularly.

What are the risks of contact lenses?

Contact lenses are located directly on the cornea and are bordered by the eyelids. The cornea is very sensitive: to function, it depends on the supply of oxygen and lachrymal fluid. If this balance is disturbed, it can lead to inflammation and ulcers.

When is it worth having individually adjusted contact lenses?

Soft, conventional contact lenses should only be worn over a limited time period (e.g. sports). If contact lenses are to be worn permanently, we recommend customised lenses and regular checks by a specialist.

How can you get individually adjusted contact lenses?

Contact lens adjustment also makes it possible to determine which contact lenses will optimally compensate for your visual impairment without damaging your eye health. If you would like to find out about contact lenses from your ophthalmologist, you should first make an appointment with our contact lens specialists. After an in-depth contact lens and medical eye check, they will ensure that you receive the optimal contact lens for your personal needs.

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