Premium lenses

Sophisticated premium lenses offer visual comfort for very different individual requirements.

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Aspherical lenses

With its aspherical shape, this premium lens corresponds most closely to the shape of the natural lens. The special surface design of the aspherical lenses offers maximum comfort with visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. This advantage comes into its own in difficult lighting conditions such as twilight, night or fog in particular. In addition, the aspherical lens offers more-intense colour vision. Generally, this lens covers the long-distance range. You need a pair of reading glasses to read. Today, the aspherical lens is available as a monofocal, toric or multifocal lens.

Toric lenses

This lens is suitable for people with an astigmatism (torus). Toric lenses are calculated and manufactured individually to correct the astigmatism. They mean that the environment is no longer perceived as distorted and blurred.

Multifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses: With two focal points (far and near), this lens projects several distance ranges. With bifocal lenses, you will see clearly for both short and long distances.

Trifocal lenses: This lens has three focal points (long, short and middle distance). With this lens, you will see clearly when cooking or while working at your computer, for example. These lenses are suitable for people who will presumably no longer wish to wear glasses following cataract surgery.

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