Our philosophy

Nahaufnahme: Gesicht einer jungen Frau mit blauen Augen. Sie setzt sich mit dem Zeigfinder eine Kontaktlinse ein.

We see contact lenses first and foremost as a visual aid individually tailored to the customer that is healthy to wear and prevents damage or unnecessary strain to the eye. Contact lenses make an important contribution to healthy vision without glasses, and durability, so long-term compatibility, takes priority.

The practical alternative

Contact lenses can be offered as a reversible alternative to lasering or surgery with the aim of correcting eye strength. Reading and seeing without glasses is therefore possible.

Buy contact lenses online?

We do not cater for people looking for cheap contact lenses. Contact lens wearers who purchase lenses online, for example, without advice do themselves no favours.

We are convinced that weekly and daily lenses do not sufficiently cater for the individual needs of our customers and, to make matters worse, the recommended wearing time often goes unheeded.

Quality and guidance

The lenses prescribed at our eye clinic are the result of a collaboration between the ophthalmologist and contact lens specialist. Our contact lens specialists always decide together with an ophthalmologist whether customers should be considered for contact lenses. To proceed, an examination by an ophthalmologist always takes place. We obtain our contact lenses from a Swiss supplier and therefore guarantee a high-quality product.

Should the desire be to wear lenses over the long term, we will always prescribe hard (rigid) contact lenses. With the advantages of always having a sufficient supply of oxygen and the required nutrients for the eye.

Test lenses

Please be aware: we will not provide a definitive contact lens prescription after the first consultation. You will receive different lenses to try out – because customers often know only days later if the contact lens really fits.

After the examination and the initial fitting, a follow-up check takes place 6 months later. We then recommend annual check-ups.

Make an appointment

Do not hesitate to contact us and be advised by our specialists.


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