Night lenses (orthokeratology)

Wake up and see clearly: these contact lenses are used overnight and correct the shape of the eye’s cornea as you sleep. When the lenses are removed in the morning, you will have sharp vision without a visual aid. The effect is maintained for one to three days. The contact lenses must therefore be worn every night.

How does it work?

Using a specially designed contact lens, the outermost layer of the cornea is shaped overnight. This changes the refractive power of the cornea and facilitates sharp vision during the day. If the contact lenses are optimally adapted to the eye and good hygiene is observed, application is completely harmless and is particularly suitable in the case of contact lens incompatibilities during the day. If you no longer use the contact lenses, the cornea returns to its original form in about three days. This method is therefore fully reversible.

What are the advantages of night lenses?

  • The ability to see without glasses or lenses during the day: the effect lasts between one and three days
  • A simple way to correct visual impairment without a visual aid or surgical intervention
  • In contrast to lasering, the original state can be restored
  • Suitable for dusty or air-conditioned environments (carpenters, bricklayers or PC)
  • Perfect for active people (athletes)
  • Safe and quick familiarisation
  • Correction of short-sightedness up to –5.00 dioptres and astigmatisms up to 2.0 dioptres
  • In children, short-sightedness can be curbed
Junge Frau im Bett, sie schläft und lächelt. Ihre Augen sind geschlossen.

What are the disadvantages of night lenses?

Because the night lens ‘goes to work’ during the night, it is less suitable for people with irregular working hours, and at least 6 hours of sleep are required (shifts, night service). Anyone wanting to wear night lenses should have healthy eyes. It is therefore important that your ophthalmologist or contact lens expert advises you competently and regularly.

Would you also like to wake up in the morning and be able to go about your day without a visual aid? Then make an appointment with our contact lens specialists. After an in-depth contact lens and eye check, it will be possible to establish if night lenses are right for you.

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Night lenses flyer (PDF, German)

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