Intravitreal injection

Intravitreal means ‘into the vitreous body’. This treatment method involves medication being injected directly into the eye or the vitreous body.

Application area

Intravitreal injection (IVOM) is currently most commonly used for wet macular degeneration. By drying the tissue, it results in improved eyesight. Further application areas are macular conditions as a result of metabolic disorders or circulatory impairment.

Illustration Auge (Querschnitt), eingeführte Spritze. Injektion in den Glaskörper.


Medication in the form of tablets, infusions or eye drops can only be used to a limited extent at the back portion of the eye in the case of certain conditions, or they cannot take effect there in sufficient concentrations. The ophthalmologist must therefore inject the medication directly into the eye. The procedure is carried out on an outpatient basis and is painless.

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