Glaucoma surgery

Glaucoma describes several eye conditions. What they all have in common is that they damage the nerve cells of the optic nerve and retina and, if left untreated, lead to blindness. It is therefore important from the age of 50 to have regular eye check-ups with a specialist. You can find out more about glaucoma under ‘Medical conditions’.

Surgical techniques

In contrast to other eye conditions such as cataracts, the treatment of glaucoma focuses not on a cure, but rather the management of disease progression. In glaucoma, this means the reduction of intraocular pressure in order to prevent impairment of the optic nerve, as well as deficiencies in the visual field. Depending on the severity and progress of the condition, different treatments are recommended.

Treatment with medication

Eye drops are often used to reduce the pressure in the eye, which achieves the desired effect in most patients.

Laser treatment

If the eye drops are not sufficiently effective, there is the possibility of opening the drainage routes of the eye via targeted lasering, thus reducing pressure in the eye. In severe cases, the tissue producing the pressure in the eye is treated in a targeted manner with a special laser and the pressure is regulated.

Surgical treatments

As a third option, glaucoma can be treated surgically. There are various surgical techniques available through which the outflow of aqueous humour can be improved. The surgical method most appropriate for you will be explained in more detail by your ophthalmologist.

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