Femtosecond laser

Clear vision in less than 30 minutes

Anyone wanting to remain self-reliant, active and autonomous depends on healthy eyes and clear vision. With the femtosecond laser, we can correct short- and long-sightedness, as well as astigmatisms and cataracts. Here treatment is almost painless, and, thanks to the minimal incision area, the healing process is significantly shorter than with conventional methods.

What is a femtosecond laser?

Laser beams are a highly concentrated and therefore very high-energy light. The femtosecond laser uses this energy to effect pinpoint, highly precise cuts with minimal deviation without straining the surrounding tissue.

What are the benefits for me as a patient?

With the high-tech precision laser process, eye operations such as cataract surgery or vision correction in the case of visual impairment are even safer and gentler, and are over in less than 30 minutes. This novel operation method offers further advantages, such as high incision accuracy and a shorter recovery time. Many of our patients lead a life free from discomfort after the operation with the new femtosecond laser with clear vision and complete visual acuity.

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Femtosecond laser flyer (PDF, German)

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