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A cataract is an ever-increasing clouding of the lens, which, when not treated successfully, can lead to blindness. Many people from the age of 50 suffer from cataracts; it is therefore unsurprising that more than 50,000 cataract operations are carried out in Switzerland alone each year.

Nahaufnahme eines Auges. Die Linse ist getrübt und milchig-weiss.


In addition to age-related cataracts, eye injuries, metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, UV radiation and certain drugs can lead to the clouding of the lens.


Vision becomes increasingly blurred. There is often the impression that glasses are no longer suitable. Colours and contrast fade. The typical grey haze, as if looking through frosted glass, is only perceived at an advanced stage, but is then unmistakable.


The ophthalmologist examines the eye with a slit lamp. This is a quick and painless examination.


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